Responsibilities of Partners of the Agreement

By joining the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, Partners who have expressed their noble initiative, thereby confirm their sincere belief that the universal human spiritual values – the 7 ALLATRA Foundations – are the basis for prosperity and welfare of the peoples of the world, and these values contribute to the development of honest relationships between people in all spheres of society.

All people have the main value – the spiritual riches. This is a guarantee of harmony and the commonality of purpose. This is what makes all people united in their deepest essence.

Problems of the modern world, including the problems of business and economics in the world community, are to a greater extent human problems, rather than technical ones. To change the global situation for the better and resolve any arising difficulties is within the power of only that humanity the development of which is based on the recognised spiritual and moral values, such as conscientiousness, honesty, and decency. Only that society whose representatives are open for mutual assistance, spiritual unity and friendship can guarantee peace, order and reliability to its future generations.

The eternal Wisdom for a spiritual person is like vivifying water for a ripe ear of wheat grown from a good seed. It allows one to realize the root of human troubles and improve the atmosphere of one’s spiritual life. It gives one the major keys to understanding the complex reality of the human being and the world and serves as the source of creating unique conditions for the human being to shape a creative Spiritual society.

Personal responsibility and contribution of each person to the common cause of the spiritual and moral transformation of the society are very important. By joining the international initiative, the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, Partners voluntarily take responsibility for:

introducing the 7 ALLATRA Foundations to the sphere of their activity as the fundamental basis which defines the development strategy of the organization;

strengthening, by means of following the 7 ALLATRA Foundations, of respectable, honest, and sincere relationships between people as well as the cohesion of the working, partnership, and client teams on the basis of the universal human spiritual values;

facilitating qualitative ideological, spiritual and moral changes in their activities, thanks to which the 7 ALLATRA Foundations would become natural norms of human relations in their daily work and the foundation for the implementation of the wise organization of processes in all spheres of human life;

providing public support for the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, aimed at the popularization of its goals and objectives in the world community by promoting the information through the Internet, public speeches, interviews, media, press releases and other means of communication.

Every person is a Personality that first of all carries spiritual responsibility for everything that it does and chooses in life. There is no need to wait for anyone, you must act yourself and start first of all with yourself. You yourself must be a good example for others, and then positive changes in you and in the society will not keep themselves waiting.