Implementation of the foundations of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement facilitates the unification of people of good will, those people who, having accepted it, stand at the forefront of the all people's initiative and the inevitable global changes connected to it. It is a voluntary association of decent and respectable progressive-minded leaders of their craft who are ready to take the responsibility for adopting the spiritual and moral foundations in practice, both in their professional field and, to the best their abilities, in other spheres of life of the world community.

The system divides, and people unite!

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement initiates the unification of the creative forces of humanity and good people who strive to establish in the world practice a new format of partnerships, which are based on Honour and Dignity and which significantly contribute to the sustainable spiritual, moral, social, and economic development of the world community.

By joining the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, individuals and legal entities, who are investors, founders, heads of companies, businesses and other organizations in all areas of employment, voluntary take the responsibility to make all the possible efforts for the practical implementation of the ALLATRA International Global Partnership Agreement and its key 7 ALLATRA Foundations, which are necessary for a successful global partnership in the new format.

He who perceives his spiritual nature perceives himself. Having unselfishly proceeded to worldly achievements for the benefit of people, the wise man tames his emotions, disciplines his thoughts and discovers himself in a new quality of his spiritual achievements. For his external actions are but a reflection of inner self-development.

Implementation of the foundations should be seen as a long-term process, the effectiveness of which directly depends on the constant self-improvement of Partners, their diligence in putting the 7 ALLATRA Foundations into practice and on the progressive changes, which are related to these actions, in their work. The effectiveness of the process in the practical implementation of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is also inherently linked to the qualitative changes in the culture of human relations in their daily work and to a fruitful cooperation of Partners in the new format. Worldwide promotion of the given foundations allows Partners to jointly solve any complex problems during the implementation of a qualitatively new model of the creative, spiritual and moral world community.

Man as a Personality can be far more useful for himself and for the society when he becomes an example for others.

As a great person acts, living by the values of the spiritual riches, so will ordinary people act when they look at him.

The spiritual transformation of the society begins with the active work and friendship of honest Individuals who perceive themselves and who unite people on the spiritual foundations.

In the implementation of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement Foundations, the key success factors are:

― provision of a wide support for the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement Foundations by informing employees of an organization, partners and the parties concerned about the social, spiritual and moral responsibilities assumed by the company;

― adoption of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement Foundations as an integral important part of daily professional activities and business strategy;

― introduction of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations as a basic component into the business ethics of partnership agreements and the internal code of ethics of the organization;

― interest of management in creating a spiritual and moral atmosphere in the organization, building constructive relationships between people, expressing personal involvement in the spiritual and moral motivation of employees; forming the atmosphere of the prevalence of the spiritual and moral values and the best personal qualities not in words but in deeds in the work, partnership and client circles (all this contributes not only to the stable growth of the enterprise and to overcoming the crisis management but also to the gradual implementation of the main goal – the formation of a society based on cultural, moral and spiritual values);

― demonstration of positive examples of kindness, openness, honesty and virtues of people, including through taking the initiative, through support and personal involvement of senior management in the implementation of programs of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement;

― practical commitment to learning and continuous self-improvement, sincere openness to constructive dialogue and unification on the basis of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement;

― popularization in the media of information about positive changes of the spiritual and moral aspects of lives of employees as well as examples of people who, through their actions and socially important deeds, strengthen the spiritual and moral foundations both of their Personalities, as well as of the society as a whole.