Question: What is the advantage of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement as compared to, for example, business ethics of partnership agreements, internal code of ethics of companies built on the principles of corporate governance as well as on the existing models of norms and rules of "corporate social responsibility" in multinational corporations?

Answer: The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is truly an all people's initiative. Its foundations are backed up by something much greater, which unites people in the universal human spiritual values and is more significant than corporate interests and personal gain. The very essence and meaning of human existence are laid out in these foundations.

The voluntary implementation of these principles by people themselves not in word but in deed is an undeniable advantage regardless of people's place of living, social status, nationality, religious or political affiliation. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of the number of people around the world who are interested in the source, which reveals the essence of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations at a deeper level. This suggests the inevitability of the adoption of these principles by people and global changes in the world community in the near future.

Question: Can heads of civil society organizations as well as other NGOs join the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement?

Answer: Yes, they can. Heads of civil society organizations as well as other non-profit organizations may become Partners and actively participate in the propagation of the all people's voluntary initiative – the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and its 7 ALLATRA Foundations. They can also assist the organization of training activities and social programs aimed at propagating this information and share the experience of the achieved success with their teams as part of the practical implementation of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

Question: Is the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement legally binding?

Answer: No, it is not. This is a purely voluntary global initiative. This agreement is concluded in order for each party to fulfil the assumed moral and ethical responsibility for the manifestation of the spiritual and moral qualities of their Personalities and for fostering the unification of people on the spiritual and moral principles. It aims to help and facilitate the process of progressive development and transformation of both the human being and the society as a whole.