of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement

Constant improvement of the personal human qualities and continuous comprehensive work to form a positive spiritual and creative direction of development both of one's Personality and of the society as a whole are natural processes, in which Partners of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement are always involved.

The Spiritual Wisdom, like a genuine seed, sprouts well in the human being, helping him to free his mind from the niche of human fears and narrow vaults of the darkness of delusions, to overcome the solid earth of material thinking and discover the boundless realm of knowing the Truth.

It helps him to rise above his earthly selfhood and see the world from the spiritual outlook’s view without prejudices and material blinders.

The Wisdom endows man with sincerity and a sense of purpose, enriches him with understanding and raises the level of his responsibility for the spiritual quality of his life.

Thus, a stable position in life, the personal initiative in the support and successful practical implementation of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement Foundations allows Partners to realize the following benefits:

  • opportunity to develop the best human qualities through involvement in social activities which promote conditions in the society for cultural, spiritual, moral and intellectual self-improvement both of Individuals, and of the world community as a whole;
  • exchange of knowledge and working experience in the field of socially responsible business, which promotes mutual progress and the development of businesses involved in the implementation of this voluntary initiative;
  • strengthening of friendly partnership relations contributes to the growth of trust and mutual support and also to the economic progress, effective resolution of joint issues at the level of civilized human relationships;
  • using the 7 ALLATRA Foundations to create a special atmosphere in the working, partnership, and client teams (as integral parts of the society); the ideological atmosphere of unity and mutual assistance of the team, which is based on moral and universal human spiritual principles, provides:

+ ideological unity and cohesion of people;

+ increase in productivity and efficiency of the result;

+ increase in social importance, responsibility and the quality of relationships in teams, including an increase in the degree of mutual respect, courtesy and humaneness;

+ emergence of innovative ideas, initiatives and proposals;

+ strengthening of trust, both on the part of the working and client teams and the prevention of employee turnover;

+ strengthening of the business and public reputation of a reliable and responsible company with the best working conditions and specialists who are outstanding in their human and professional qualities;

+ extension of the client team, including by means of attracting socially active like-minded clients who adhere to the socially responsible position in life based on the 7 ALLATRA Foundations;

+ anticipation of trends of the company development and its resistance to overcoming the risks, crisis, and critical situations; people who have the spiritual and moral basis in relationships (which is fundamentally different from consumer relationships) in crisis situations are more resistant to stress, are capable of non-standard solutions to unforeseen problems, of quickly joining forces, of friendship, mutual assistance, and mutual help;

+ possibility of more active investment capital raising as a result of being granted respect and support by the society as the most active socially responsible head who conducts fair activities – a business that does not have masks and characteristics of the human face, but a business with the human soul.

The spiritual stability of the Personality allows to overcome any financial crisis without any losses. The eternal Wisdom allows people to transform themselves spiritually and know the secret nature of past and future events.