Realities of the contemporary world emphasise the urgent necessity for a global unification of respectable people in the name of the revival and assertion on an international scale of natural universally accepted human values – the 7 ALLATRA Foundations. For the benefit of implementing that objective, ALLATRA International Public Movement ( offers a unique all people's platform for international cooperation – the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement. Its mission is to unite and rally the people of good will in promoting the change in today's consumer vector of the human development for the spiritual and creative one, asserting the dominance of cultural, moral and universal spiritual values in the world community.

This world for a man is a temporary retreat. Man is born with clenched fists, trying to conquer the world. And he passes away with open palms, not even haven taken a speck of dust from this world.

The Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement is engaged in active ideological support of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and achieving the above-mentioned objectives, including such areas as:

  • popularization of the new format of partner relations – the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and building awareness of the world community about this all people's initiative;
  • cooperation between Partners and assistance in the implementation of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations;
  • information support of social initiatives of Partners of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement;
  • international cooperation with representatives of companies and organizations around the world;
  • promotion of strengthening of friendship between peoples and building respectable international relations through international meetings, exhibitions and conferences;
  • creation of conditions for the flourishing and the support of the socially responsible business with the human soul around the world.

After all, business is created by people, and what their internal beliefs are, such will be their voluntary initiatives and the vector line of their creative and socially responsible business. To what extent people change themselves in the inner spiritual quality for the better is how much they change the world around them.

Why does man, while looking for the meaning of his coming into the world, is so concerned with the mystery of life until the very departure from it? Because even though he is here temporarily, he can change his nature. The meaning of man's being in this world is the spiritual growth, the aspiration to leave the state of the material understatement of consciousness for the spiritual elevation, transformation, and soaring to his purpose and the flourishing of all the best that is in him. When man acquires the wings of self-development, they elevate him to the heights of perceiving the Truth, qualitatively transforming his nature. Changes in the external are only useful when they come from the inner world of man.

The ideological support of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is central to the development and the dissemination of the global initiative as well as creating the conditions for the prosperity and support of the socially responsible business with the human soul around the world. One of the possible ways to support it is also the financial assistance based on selfless, voluntary intentions of Partners of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and of other interested parties wishing to participate financially in the development of the global initiative, which provides the unification of people around the world on the basis of 7 ALLATRA Foundations ― the basis of values for the construction of the spiritual and creative society.

The Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement accepts voluntarily initiated charitable assistance and sponsorship from businesses or individuals, which meets their abilities as well as sincere desires and intentions under the condition that the acceptance of this support does not threaten the integrity of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement or ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Generosity and unselfishness for the person of good will are natural qualities that ensure the creation of friendly relationships with people and apply to all the spheres of life without exception and without being limited to the financial sector. The responsibility of each person is to consistently and continually show these human qualities according to their actual abilities and aspirations, asserting the spiritual human values in the society with the personal example of their lives.

The wealth of the world belongs to this world, in which everything is changeable, transient and subject to death. Wealth is given to man to comprehend the responsibility, to verify his intentions and confirm his life choice. If a person uses earthly wealth for the benefit of people, he finds and acquires a much larger unearthly value – his own spiritual riches, which opens the way to him as a Personality to the true immortality.

Please direct all questions and suggestions regarding the financial information of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement to: [email protected]

Here is information for those wishing to provide charitable assistance and/or to sponsor the all people's initiative of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement.


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