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Dear Head of the Company,

ALLATRA International Public Movement, which unites hundreds of thousands of socially active representatives of various areas of work and industries in more than 200 countries around the world, shows you its respect and has the honor to invite you as a Partner to join the large-scale global initiative - the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement.

We are happy to welcome in our ranks the best of the best socially active respectable heads of leading enterprises and companies, those who want to be at the forefront of the global all people's initiative to transform the world community and assert the spiritual and moral priorities in it, create conditions for uniting the peoples of the world on the basis of friendship, solidarity and mutual assistance. The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement lies outside the plane of politics and religion.

At this moment, much has already been achieved in the development of socially responsible business. But having united all together, we will achieve much more. We will be honored to do good deeds with you, initiate positive changes in the society, which will inevitably affect the future of the human civilization.

If an active person, being immersed in the thick of this bustling world, lives inside by the riches of the spiritual world, then his wisdom will know no bounds in the earthly achievements as well, and all the deeds will be closely connected to the original meaning of his life.

To become a Partner of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, it is necessary to:

Step 1. Fill in a letter of application signed and sealed by the head of the organization addressed to Head of the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement, which expresses the intention to become a Partner as well as the support of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

Step 2. Fill in the Partner Form of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement.

Step 3. Send the original documents (the letter of application and the Partner Form) to the postal address:
PO Box 30, 03083 Kiev-83, Ukraine and confirm the mailing of the documents via email: [email protected].

Step 4. Get a confirmation from the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

By joining forces on the basis of spiritual and moral ideology, humanity is capable of solving any problems, even the ones that are extremely complex for the society, and through the unity of the creative forces to overcome the financial and economic crises, the challenges of time and nature, which are difficult for people to deal with alone. That is why today is especially important for people to support each other, seek the most effective level of cooperation and use complementary opportunities. The spiritual and creative development strategy of the society will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the life of each individual and provide a solid basis for future generations.